This body of work has been compiled as part of an MA in Digital Imaging and Photography  from Lincoln University,England. The majority of the portfolios were included in the final project called the ‘Gaze of the Collector”. This was a series of ‘still video portraits of people who collected artefacts which was cut through with photographs of the placement of the objects that were collected.  These video and photographic cameos were related to Jacque Lacans study of ‘the Gaze’ and t Saussures theories of ‘the signified and the signifier’. The work has been exhibited at an Auction house in Lincoln in attempt to engage a new audience to audio visual events.

Prior to doing a Masters degree  Hazel has previously been involved in Medical photography, photographic exhibition work, and advertising and design commissions.  After worldwide travel and children, she settled with her husband in Lincoln where she became a mosaic artist , working extensively in the community and within schools. She returned  to photography in 2010.

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